Pigeon Plastic Feeding Bottle - 240 ml
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Pigeon Plastic Feeding Bottle - 240 ml

  • Type Of Medicine : BABY PRODUCTS
  • Composition: Feeding Bottle & Nipple
  • Category: Baby Care
  • Manufacturer by: PIGEON
  • Packaging Details: Pack Of 1 Piece
Rs. 175.00       Rs. 175.00
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Pigeon 240ml Peristaltic Nipple Plastic Feeding PP Bottle is an uniquely designed bottle exclusively made for babies who create a fuss while breast-feeding. Made of high quality polypropylene, the BPA free feeding bottle comes with a transparent body and a white cap. The peristaltic artificial nipple is ultra stretchable. It helps ensure that the baby is able to make normal sucking motion without any need for extra suction pressure, which might choke the baby

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